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DQ 1 One of the measurements that can be used to determine a child's developmental progression is to compare the development of the child to the typical developmental milestones. Some examples of developmental milestones are when an infant first sits up, crawls, and walks. There are also developmental milestones for communication and emotional and social development. Why is it so important to understand a child's developmental milestones, especially those for communication and social and emotional development? Review the developmental milestones from birth through five years and describe the ones you find interesting. Give reasons for your preference. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides some extensive information on developmental milestones for infants and young children. Google the keywords "CDC: Developmental Milestones." On the first Results page of Google, click the link “CDC - Learn the Signs. Act Early. Homepage – NCBDDD” to go to the CDC Web site. Once you reach the site, click the link "Learn more about milestones" to review the developmental milestones from birth through five years. Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your text and course readings. Comment on the postings of at least two peers, and provide an analysis of each peer’s postings while also suggesting specific additions or clarifications for improving the discussion question response.


DQ 2 Gestalt psychology, from a perception viewpoint, states that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. How our brain groups things together to make sense of an object based on prior knowledge and memory is the basis of Gestalt psychology. Sometimes, we perceive something differently from what it really is, experiencing an optical illusion. Explain the five laws of Gestalt perception. Find some examples of optical illusions on the Internet. (Hint: Google the keywords “Grand Illusion: Optical Illusions” to view several examples of optical illusions.) Select at least two examples of optical illusions and explain how those illusions work on the basis of Gestalt psychology and its laws of perception. Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your textbook and course readings. Start reviewing and responding to at least two of your classmates as early in the week as possible. You can ask technical questions or respond generally to the overall experience. Be sure to be honest, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress. Using questions and seeking clarifications are good ways to make your reviews substantive!

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