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Case Study:


Margaret, 27


James, 9, Margaret’s son


Miranda, 3, Margaret’s daughter


Children’s father, unknown


L.J., Margaret’s boyfriend


Margaret’s mother


Margaret presents with this story:


“I have two children and my boyfriend who comes over on the weekend. I am presently having trouble with my 9-year-old son from a former relationship. He goes to schools daily but I think he is getting in with the wrong crowd. His grades are not very good this year. We lived with my mom and dad until my dad had a heart attack and died. My mom works about 40 hours now, and it isn’t too good to have my son over there alone. We still live with Mom but money is tight now. My mom’s getting only half-time hours soon and I will be working nights at the local club. I get good money there.


James is home alone a lot now and I think he may be getting into a gang or drugs or something. When Dad was living, things were a lot easier. Right now I think I am drinking too much myself and my son seems pretty hyperactive. He can’t focus on school or homework and won’t do much of what I say when I am home. It’s too much for me right now. Mom and I have been fighting about money and my new boyfriend because I spend more time with him than with James. James thinks L.J. is cool. That’s my boyfriend. He is, but I know he is not a good father type for my son. He’s drinking a lot and gets kind of mean sometimes with us. Oh man, I am not sure what I should do.


So we are getting behind on the rent now and things are not getting any better. L.J. keeps asking for money for cigarettes and beer. He brings it home for us, too. But we need to pay some bills right now. I think I need some help to get things back on track. My Dad died real fast. It’s been about a year now and we all are a mess still. It’s not getting better yet. What do you think I should do? Miranda, my 3 year old, is a mess. That kid has more energy than any kid I know. She goes to my sister’s house when I am working. Seems she is there all the time. My sister doesn’t mind. She’s too much for us and even the Head Start people say there must be something wrong with her. Do you think I should put her on those drugs for kids that are too active?”


Directions: In this project, you will practice developing interview questions that contribute to a strategy to assess Margaret and her family. Begin your project with a review of the areas in the case where you think you need more information in order to do a proper assessment of Margaret and her family. Then, address the following in your paper:


1.            What more information do you want to help you do a thorough assessment of Margaret and her family? Who in this case study can give you that information?


2.            Using ideas from your textbook and the PDF on theories of ethics, pretend that you are actually assessing Margaret and her children. Develop 20 questions you would ask to supplement the information you have been given. Consider developing a chart with the question you are asking, the type of question it is, to whom you are asking the question. Then below the chart address the rest of the items below in narrative form:


A.                    Why you have chosen each of these questions and what information you think this question will yield for you.


B.                     Be sure to substantiate your ideas with rationale for why this interviewing technique would be best with that person.


3.            Based on the PDF on ethics, what ethical viewpoints are you using when developing your questions and why is this viewpoint appropriate according to what you learned?


4.            Would you want to interview anyone other than those presented in the case? Why and what information might they have for you and how would that help your assessment of Margaret and her family?


5.            Conclude your project with a discussion of how you think you might proceed now that you have completed your interview with Margaret and the children.

Your project should be between 1200 and 1800 words in length, excluding the chart, the APA title page, and the reference page. Double-space your project in 12-point font. When you reference your textbook or the PDF file, or any other references you choose to use, be sure to provide APA-formatted citations. For any project or other written assignment, please use the Kaplan University Writing Center for help. The Writing Center provides a document library for common writing issues, asynchronous answers to questions, live tutoring, and an assignment-review service. These resources are very helpful, but please keep in mind that the KU Writing Center does not guarantee grades on assignment

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