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A federal agent is reporting to his first post of duty after the academy to a small resident office at which you work. You and a few others are included in a meeting to provide administrative support for his first assignment. In the discussion you learn that there is a large round up of gang members scheduled for the following day at 6:00am. It is a federal case but is being supported by approximately 50 local officers and state troopers. A briefing is scheduled at 6:00pm for the officers involved in tomorrow's arrests.

Create a checklist that may be provided to the officers involved in the operation so they may have a reference reminding them of what they must do to properly process a defendant in a federal investigation. The checklist should include processing requirements and the mandated pre-trial measures required by law

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Gangs pose a major threat to any community. When gangs are present in a community the level of violence in the criminal activity will escalate. Before arresting and prosecuting gang members it is essential the officers involved in the gang

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