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Part B

As it can be seen from, the Gant chart, the project is 61% completed. The three activities are completed 100%, these are, ‘Design Specifications’, ‘Shell & Power’ and ‘System’. The current date of Project is assumed to be 7th March. The estimated work of the project is 272 hours and it is expected that project should be completed on time. The total cost of the project is $170 and it is expected that project would be completed within this cost.

As far as the financials are considered, the PV (Present Value) of the project is $170 and out of this, $140 is EV (Earned Value). It can be said that this is the good sign for the project. The execution of project is always uncertain and there can be complications in the remaining tasks like ‘Memory/ Software, ’Zoom System’ and ‘Assemble’