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Diversity in the Workplace


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify ways to create a non-discriminative and productive workplace and positive ideas on how to handle issues related to ethnicity, social class, religion, marital status, and sexual orientation.

I.          Introduction of Diversity in the workplace

A.        Different forms in Diversity at the workplace

B.        Explain different situations of diversity in the workplace

II.        Balancing Workplace Diversity Issues

A.        Interaction with co-workers

B.        Alternative ways to developing relationships

III.       Expanding Global Base

A.        Diverse workplace helps communicating with diverse clients

IV.       Broaching Diversity

A.        Human Resource Specialist or Diversity Leader to help communication.

V.        Diversity Training

A.        How can we make employees aware of diversity?

B.        Teach employees how to cope with diverse workforce

VI.       Evaluating employees and hiring process

A.        Equal Opportunity Employer

B.        Fair compensation by all parties

VII.     A successful diverse workplace

A.        Advantages/Disadvantages

VIII.    Conclusion

A.                Recap all of the information in the research paper







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