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The course project is an individual project in which students will be required to develop a (four hour) training course for a previous or present employer (a hypothetical company will work if you have no other frame of reference).   The following outline should be used to establish the foundation of your training:

  1. Assess the need for training - Conduct a needs assessment
  2. Research your training topic
  3. Establish 3-5 learning objectives for your training topic
  4. Design training activities to support your topic and audience
  5. Sequence training activies and training content
  6. Establish the method of delivery
  7. Establish a method to monitor and evaluate the training (course evaluation and transfer of learning)


The project will be worth 260 points total, including interim submissions.  The project will consist of a comprehensive (minimum 8 pages) paper detailing the subtopics listed above.   In addition to the paper, students will be required to present a PowerPoint presentation outlining the specifics of the training endeavor.  The training presentation should be approximately 10 slides in length.  Slides should use bulleted format and note panes should be utilized to indicate what the speaker would be stating during the presentation regarding each slide.  The use of graphics and color is encouraged.  The PowerPoint will be posted in the Training Project Presentation and Evaluation Forum.  Students will be assessed on both content and appearance of the PowerPoint Presntation.  

Recommended Outline:

I.                   Title Page

II.                Needs Assessment

III.             General Learning Goals

IV.             Objectives for each Learning Goal

V.                Training Activities

VI.             Delivery Method(s)

VII.          Evaluation Techniques

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