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The manual instruction which I would like focus over here is the “Computer user manual” considered as one of the most important user manual for the new users as well the users those who are already been to the usage of the computer devices. It does not mean if a person is already expertise in field of computer need not to look after the manual. The computers devices are getting updated on regular basics. We cannot say a person who has seen the manual once will be able to perform all the operations even in the case of new model computers. It is difficult to do so. Because each model of the device is having different operating areas with may functionalities. So it is necessary for a user to go through a particular user manual concerning the details of that particular computer. In fact we make it more clearly by considering one of the latest computer “Apple iMac Inter core”. This computer device is having enormous inbuilt functionalities that cannot be understood a user easily. He or she needs to look after the specialized manuals to use such devices. However they might be expert in the field of computer, it is necessary for them to go through the manual before using any special computer devices. By emphasizing on the above discussion I tried to focus the real use of the computer devices. As we know computer devices are developed with many technologies that can both positive as well as negative impact on the society. Mostly it depends upon our usage style, based on that impact could be realized. Sometimes people try to use the computer devices without going through the manual properly. In situation there is a chance of unexpected situations through the wrong usage of the computer devices. In order to avoid such unexpected situations and provide safe use the manuals are prepared by considering many of the usef