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              Process Design Matrix and Summary Product Process Design     A product that I am familiar with is custom packs in the healthcare field used for surgical procedures, specifically producing a custom pack at the Banner Distribution Center in Arizona. These products utilize an assembly line process. The amount of custom packs required for the hospitals determines the number of employees needed for the process.       According to Lerner & Lerner (2008), “an assembly line is a manufacturing system of mass production in which a finished product is manufactured in a step-by-step process involving interchangeable parts added in a sequential manner as it moves continuously past an arrangement of workers and machines” (p. 343). The packs move down the workstation following the steps to completing the pack the hospital ordered, in this process each employee adds contents to the pack and verifies the product that needs to go prior is indeed there to ensure the pack has all content needed.     The packs production begins by placing the surgical table cover at the bottom. When a hospital plac