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Programs for special needs offenders with substance abuse problems


          One program which has been established in some places for certain substance abusers involves offenders who have been convicted of driving under the influence or operating a boat or another motorized devise while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  It is sometimes called the “hotel” program. This particular program involves first time offenders or those who have received a very short term jail sentence.  In most states, however, a conviction for such crimes also requires that a substance abuse evaluation be obtained, a drunk driving course successfully completed, and other such mandated matters.  Therefore the “hotel” program is set up in a suitable facility and sometimes an inexpensive hotel, where for a short term—2 to 14 days—a group of DUI offenders are required to stay at the facility which is applied to their jail time.  They are evaluated for their substance abuse, complete the courses required by law or by the sentencing.  The courses involve drunk driving, drug information, demonstrations of how the body’s reflexes are impaired with a few drinks, and so on. Some of these “hotel” programs involve a physical examination which is helpful for those who have health problems related to the drinking or drug use.  These offenders pay for the time they stay in the facility or hotel, including their own meals, and the evaluations.  They are not allowed to leave the premises during the time they must attend this “hotel”, or they will face the actual jail senten