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Probation and Punishment

Probation is an option provided by the court as a form of supervised punishment for criminal offenders that do not pose a major threat to society. After reviewing the file of Kris, Robert Donovan, a Jurisville probation officer, has suggested intensive probation. Probation officers review the file of a criminal defendant and make recommendations to the court. Intensive probation refers to supervision by a probation officer that is highly structured and designed to divert the offender from going to prison. Criminal defendants sent to prison are far more likely to commit further crimes upon their release then the defendant placed on probation.

When reviewing the case of Kris the probation officer would have seen that the defendant committed a nonviolent crime with the theft of the jacket but Kris confessed to committing the crime which is a felony and must be punished. Instead of sending Kris to jail, where he will potentially learn new criminal skills, he can be placed on probation and given an opportunity to learn a new set of behaviors towards crime. Probation does not only allow the criminal defendant to avoid jail it provides an opportunity for the probationer to make positive changes and become a more productive member of society (Howell, 2009).