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 Describe the health behavior and how it relates to leading causes of death in the US. Why did you choose this health behavior?

What is the epidemiology of this health behavior? 

Who engages in the behavior and what are the percentages and/or rates

Describe health risks that come from not engaging in the behavior and/or list health benefits from engaging in the behavior. 

Note: Be sure to cite when appropriate.


Agency and Program Information 

Description of the agency where the program is administered: level of government, funding sources, mission, geographical location of the agency Description of the program addressing the health behavior: mission, goals, objectives of the program, population served Describe how this program addresses Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators. Describe how the program’s goals and objectives relate to Healthy People 2020.

Theoretical Framework 


What theory or theories and related constructs (pieces and parts that make up the theory) do you believe relate to this program?  Which level(s) of influence (i.e. individual, family/social, organization, policy) does this program address?  If the program explicitly calls out a theoretical framework, describe this framework and how it is used.  If the program does not, draw conclusions to which constructs and concepts and theories are relevant to the program, describe your conclusions. 

Note: Be sure to cite when appropriate

Conclusions and recommendations

How does this program match what the literature advocates for your health behavior? ? Describe the strengths of the program.  

 Describe the challenges or weaknesses of the program.

 If you had additional money to contribute to this program, what would you do to improve, expand or augment the current program? 

What is missing in this program and why? 

What is working and why?


Wrote an 8-10 page paper (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt font, and did not use headers). Numbered the pages

Had a title page with name, date and health behavior.

 Clearly written, appropriate sentence structure and grammar.  Critically analyzed and integrated the concepts. Used APA Style.

The Alliance was founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation as a

Response to the growing rate of childhood obesity, ages 10-17.


use this website as your resources. 

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