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Create a draft of your PowerPoint presentation on a topic of personal interest including visual aids and proper citations. Follow these steps to complete your assignment:

  1. Create the a draft of your PowerPoint slides, including title and content slides, ending with 1–2 slides of reference materials.
  2. On the notes of the first slide, indicate what technologies, setting, and audience would be ideal for this presentation.
  3. Add appropriate visual aids to the presentation.
  4. In the notes area, describe the rationale supporting your visual aids as well as other visual aids you considered and the reason(s) you rejected them.
  5. Add speaker's notes to each slide, including any technology and other visual aids necessary.
  6. The content slides should contain updated in-text citations along with the text and visual aids.
  7. Update your citations and reference list as needed.
  8. Be sure to cite all references in APA format.
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