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Poter Five forces Module 2- SLP Coca-Cola

The SLP before you undertake the case analysis.  Before you begin the SLP, you need to read the background materials thoroughly.  Several of the background readings referred to gathering data to support the external analysis.  Be sure to review those readings carefully-especially the Comerford and Callaghan chapter, so you know what kinds of data are used when conducting an external analysis.  The purpose of this SLP is to develop the component of our strategic toolkit that relates to 5-forces and PEST Analysis.

Required Reading:  Comeford, R., & Calaghan, D. (n.d). Environmental , industry, and internal analysis.  Retrieved on August 15, 2011 from: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19448976/STRATEGICMGMTCOMERFORD


Step One: The first step in an external analysis is to determine the industry to which your target business is classified.  Usually this is done through North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS code.  Find a website or library reference that would enable you to determine the NAICS code of any business.

Step Two:  Research web and library sources that would give you the kinds of data you would need to conduct a Porter 5-Forces analysis.  We are not looking for sites that describe the 5-Forces, but for sites that would have data that you will be able to use to analyze the degree of competition in an industry, or the ease of substitution, for instance.  You have undoubtedly run into such websites and publications before in your core courses.  Typically, they are government sources providing statistical data, industry or trade magazines or journals, general business publications, finance websites, websites for trade associations, etc.

Step Three:  This is a two step process:  First, determine what kinds of information you would need to evaluate each of Porter’s forces (see back ground materials), and then find a source that will give you that information.  Find a minimum of 2 different sources for each of Porter’s Forces.  Next,  Research web and library sources that would give you data to support a PEST analysis.  Find at least two different sources for each PEST variable.


Step Four: In a 2-page pager (not including cover page or reference), list your resources from steps 1-3 above.  For each source, provide a title and a URL, if applicable.  Write a short paragraph explaining what information is available, how it would be useful in an external analysis, and critiquing the source (for example, what are the limitations of the source?  Is one better than the other?  Why?

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