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Positioning and Brand Loyalty Think of some sports products to which consumers demonstrate high degrees of brand loyalty. What are these products and why do you think loyalty is so high? Search the Internet for the websites of these products. How are these products positioned relative to each other on their websites? What would you as a manager do differently with these products in terms of positioning? Include in your paper research to show strategies that have work best as well as information from the chapters that you have read so far in the text. This should be 2-3 pages in length. APA

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Nike Loyalty

In 1972 the Nike trademark swoosh was created for 35 dollars.  Today, Nike is worth 67 billion dollars (Nikebiz).  It is known as the world’s leader in athletic apparel.  Nike’s closest competitor, Adidas, is feeble in comparison.  Nike emulates everything an athlete would want to be and makes athletes all around the world feel like a professional.  I consider Nike to be the absolute best because I feel like I have an edge over my competition when I wear the iconic swoosh.

      Nike was originally founded in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Beaverton, Oregon (Nikebiz: Timeline).  Bowerman was the head track at the University of Oregon, where he hand crafted athletic sho