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Policy Position: Childhood Obesity Prevention

HCS 550: Health Care Policy



Topic: Childhood Obesity Prevention

Country: United States of America

Committee: University of Phoenix

            Childhood Obesity continues to be a serious public health concern and consequences of obesity as a child tracks into adulthood causing many chronic health issues. An increase in physical activities and good nutrition are the keys to combating obesity. However, this is no easy task because changing human behavior is tough. Childhood obesity is an epidemic that needs a coordinated strategy for policy implementation. Policy will outline activity choices and healthy dietary measures easier to follow to achieve significant benefits or maintain healthier lifestyles reducing the epidemic. This policy position paper will analyze the policymaking process, drivers of health policy formulation, roles of government and legislative committees, and effects of the policy in health care industry. This paper will also explain the need for policy development and its impact on an individual and group level.

Childhood obesity is on the rise in the United States and the need for change is imperative; therefore, obesity is a significant health issue that requires immediate action at all levels. Proposing a Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy (COPP) is the key to educating the public and spread awareness of the deadly effects associated with being obese. It is the University of Phoenix’s duty as a public figure with great influence to provides leadership in this epidemic. Obesity is not a personal choice rather it is a multi-factorial disease with grave health consequences. A great understanding of this issue is the key to reducing the epidemic by promoting healthy habits for the American people. Shedding some light on this matter also minimizes discrimination against obese people. People with obesity face severe societal discrimination, and it is of enormous concern for the committee to undertake the responsibility of providing education to society and motivation to those affected.

The Process of Making Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy

The process of policy making begins with identifying obesity as a problem and isolating this problem and its cause. This stage also involves information gathering about the proposed issue. The University of Phoenix Committee may also demand government’s involvement in this matter to discuss best strategic ways to combat the epidemic and move forward. The next phase involves coming up with preferred solutions and developing an action plan. This is done by comparing previous similar situations concerning obesity and deciding which credible information to