Police Brutality or Social Security? - 73947

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You are a high ranking police officer and your responsibility is to maintain peace, law and order within the area in your jurisdiction. Of late, the media has started a big commotion where they have alleged police brutality in the shooting of a passerby which was an accident. You are asked to give a rejoinder to the media. Write in the 1st person with a reference or two behind your arguments.300-350 words.

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On Hypocrisy And Having Your Cake

I am a top ranking police officer and all of us (i.e. my superiors, my subordinates and I) are committed to the security of the society we live in. Our work is to preserve society’s rules and stop anarchy.

Here, I feel that the three most important factors that shape up my expectation of work are in order of priority

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On Hypocrisy an...