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Greenfield Police Department


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What creative ideas could Captain Jones recommend for consideration in the upcoming budget?

Captain Jones can liaise with the other departments to perform some of Greenfield such as community policing at a reduced budget so that Greenfield department concentrates only in undercover drug function (Don, 1980). The Captain can liaise with the Sheriffs to do the arresting of criminals instead of the Greenfield officers. By so doing the department budget would reduce.

 Assuming that the Greenfield officers are still relying on preventative patrol how could a change in strategy benefit the budget?

 Preventive patrol is costly as it involves patrolling with the police car that consumes a lot of fuel. Change of strategy use of intelligent agents to report any criminal action that is about to happen would reduce the amount spent on preventive patrol. Captain Jones can assign one department to specialize in patrol hence reducing the patrol department for other department.

Suggest some long-term cost savings Captain Jones could consider regarding dispatch and booking services.

            The Greenfield police department can adopt online criminal reporting website and online response platform that reduces the cost of transport and time consumption. The department can as well introduce online traffic management technique to reduce the number of officers on the road (Don, 1980). The department should also abstain from obtaining grants from federal government because they are expensive during payback.


Is the continued support of a seldom-used SWAT team a good use of Greenfield Police Department resources?

            The SWAT team is an economic loss to the department and therefore should be abandoned. The sensitive and dangerous nature of the team requires that it receives higher budgetary allocation. As from the case study, the team is over resourced underutilized in control of the security; therefore the department should eliminate the team so as to reduce its budgetary allocation to the team.

What other sources of creative funding may be available to support a drug unit?

 Other than federal funding, drug unit can receive funding from international organizations against drug abuse. The federal could also initiate bylaws that impose fines on offender found with the illegal drugs. These fines can be used to fund the drug unit in carrying out its duties.













Don, Y. (1980). Cooperative with cost saving. S.I: s.n.



Solution Description


Greenfield Police Department


Institution Affiliation


Student’s Name