POL300 week 9 DQs - POL 300 week 9 DQs (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 36115

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DQ 1

"Divorcing America"  Please respond to the following: 

·         Elaborate on what the textbook authors mean when they say that most European countries have “divorced America.”

·         Explain the main reasons Europe has withdrawn from a close relationship with the U.S.


·         What would have to happen, in your opinion, for Europe and the United States to become closer again?

DQ 2

 "The Rise of China"  Please respond to the following:
>    - Describe the principal effects of China’s increasing prosperity on
>    U.S./China relations.
>    - Is the rise of China a good thing or a bad thing for the U.S.? Explain
>    your answer.

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