POL300 week 6 Tests - POL 300 week 6 Tests (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 36108

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Tutorial Includes 3 tests with correct answers and these will cover probably all possible questions.

___________ is for those fleeing persecution at home.

The first to write that capitalism had given itself new life by expanding around the globe in the form of imperialism was

"Absolute poverty" is defined as living on ______ a day.

_____________ means dealings open to public view.

Max Weber explained the rise of capitalism as based on

A population growing 3.5 percent every year will take about ______ years to double.

De Soto suggests ___________ as a model for economic growth.

Socialism in the Global South shows ______ success stories.

___________ culture is especially resistant to modern values.


The birth rate generally falls with

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