POL300 week 3 DQs - POL 300 week 3 DQs (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 36097

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DQ 1

Should the United States Lead the World?"  Please respond to the following: 

·         In your opinion, should the United States lead the world? Why or why not?

·         If yes, what factors combine to contribute to the suitability of the U.S. leading the world?


·         If no, what factors combine to contribute to the unsuitability of the U.S. leading the world?

DQ 2

"The Collapse of the Soviet Union"  Please respond to the following:

Roskin discusses three theories about causes of the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

·         Choose one of these theories and explain how it relates to the collapse of the USSR, and assess and justify whether it relates to its internal or external foreign policy.


·         Discuss whether all three of the causes are equally at fault, or whether one, more than the other, is the basic culprit of the demise of the USSR.

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