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Pick one poem from the text OR provide an internet link to read and explain it on the discussion board. 150-250 words is all that\'s needed. •At minimum, name the poet and page number, identify the speaker(as separate & distinct from the poet), identify the tone, explain the title’s meaning, and finally, make sense of as much of the poem central purpose as you can. See DISCUSSION #1 dropbox attachments for \"Analyzing a Poem\" and basic Poetry Terms. •Your writing and analysis needs to be effective. Please write formally, appropriately and maturely. This is a test grade. •Search any library or the internet for one or two sources to augment your understanding; properly document your source(s) using MLA style after your response (not part of word count). •contrast your understanding with what you may have researched or contrast a difference of opinion you may have come across in your research. The poem title is Father and Son by Stanley Kunitz

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