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Week Four:

a.     Develop the risk management plan.


 1)     Identify at least five specific risks that are applicable to the Riordan project.

2)     Create a risk assessment matrix table in Microsoft® Word. For each risk identified


 a)     quantify the likelihood and probability of the risk occurring.

 b)    identify the effect of the risk.

 c)     provide an overall risk assessment score.

 d)    estimate when the risk could occur.

 e)     explain how you would mitigate each risk.



b.    Develop the change control management plan.

3)     Describe how changes to the project scope, timeline, and budget for the Riordan project will be requested, reviewed, approved, reported, and communicated.

4)     Identify who will be responsible for managing the change control process, reviewing and approving the change requests, and communicating the approved changes to project stakeholders.

5)     Explain the role of change control management and discuss how changes to the project schedule and project budget will be managed.


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Week Four:

a.     Develop the risk management plan.


 1)     Identify at least five specific r

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