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1. When re-plumbing an entire kitchen, installing which of the following types of pipe would probably require pipe-threading equipment and complex math calculations? 

A. Copper 
B. Galvanized 

2. What is the best tool for cutting one-eighth inch from the end of an installed copper pipe? 

A. Tubing cutter 
B. Mini-reciprocating saw 
C. Circular saw 
D. Chop saw 

3. A jet pump used on a water well should always be installed 

A. at the well bottom. 
B. just below the wellhead. 
C. at a height above the wellhead. 
D. ten feet above the well bottom. 

4. The water pipe exits a well casing underground through a 

A. pitless adapter. 
B. well cap. 
C. torque arrestor.
D. jet pump. 

5. When used with polyethylene service pipe, long-term durability is best achieved with insert fittings made of 

A. nylon. 
B. galvanized metal. 
C. stainless steel. 
D. PVC. 

6. In preparation for soldering, clean the inside of a copper fitting with 

A. your finger. 
B. plumber’s cloth. 
C. a wire brush.
D. solid cloth sandpaper. 

7. What is the minimum recommended per-foot downward pitch of a horizontally running drain, vent, or sewer line? 

A. 1/4 inch 
B. 1/2 inch 
C. 5/8 inch
D. 3/4 inch 

8. If three toilets drain into the same second-floor branch line, what size drain pipe should be used? 

A. 11/2 inch 
B. 2 inch 
C. 3 inch
D. 4 inch 

9. Which of the following prevents air locks and ensures the smooth flow of waste through a drainage system? 

A. Trap 
B. Waste pipe 
C. Sanitary tee 
D. Vent 

10. Before joining PVC pipe with cement, you must first 

A. sand and file the pipe. 
B. prime the pipe. 
C. crimp the fitting.
D. wash the pipe and fitting. 

11. Which supply pipe material is easiest to cut and flexible enough to make gentle bends around corners? 



C. Copper


12. A single drain cover on a bathroom floor opens to a 

A. drum trap. 

B. S trap. 

C. P trap.

D. trap with a cleanout plug. 

13. A washing machine drain line must slope downward at a rate of _______ inch per running foot. 

A. 1/4 

B. 1/2 

C. 5/8

D. 3/4 

14. A damaged or incorrectly installed flue on a water heater will 

A. cause thermocouple failure at the pilot light. 

B. lead yellow or erratic flames from the burner. 

C. lead to elevated levels of carbon monoxide. 

D. cause the water tank to rust quickly. 

15. When installing a water softener, you must break into the _______ supply line. 

A. main 

B. cold-water 

C. hot-water

D. kitchen 

16. A shower drain should be directly connected to a(n) 

A. trap. 

B. adapter. 

C. screen-type filter.

D. 45° elbow. 

17. A no-hub fitting with a neoprene sleeve should be used when joining 

A. copper to galvanized pipe. 

B. galvanized to PVC pipe. 

C. PVC to ABS pipe.

D. cast-iron to copper pipe. 

18. A vent that attaches to a drain line near a fixture and runs up and over to the main vent is called a 

A. revent. 

B. common vent.

C. loop vent.

D. true vent. 

19. The minimum drainpipe size for a vertical drain stack with 9 units is 

A. 11/4 inches. 

B. 11/2 inches. 

C. 2 inches.

D. 3 inches. 

20. A shower head should be physically supported and connected to the supply pipe from the valve body with a 

A. drop-ear elbow. 

B. stop valve. 

C. metal strap.

D. flange

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