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                                        Proactive Policing Assignment

DQ1 Due Saturday 07/11/15

Do you believe that the quality of life within a community is tied to the level of trust the community has in its public safety services?

Yes, I believe the quality of life the community lives strongly depend on trust the people have in the public safety services. The department of public safety carries out enormous activities that influence the way people live.

To begin, let’s consider the security of the community. Public safety services handle police services within the community. Police maintain the security of cities, businesses, schools and even homes. If the police are lazy and poor in offering their services, public will lose trust on them, and crime will increase causing heavy loss and proper{"status":"TOOLBAR_READY","toolbarId":100000457}ty destruction. However, good police services guarantee trust and better work plus public support. In such situation, the value of members of community lives improves.

On other hand, an emergency is a common problem that frequently occurs in the community setting. For instance, urgent need of medication due to the accident, fire fighting services, and even disaster management activities. Good emergency policies subjected to live-saving oriented service characterized by faster and professional respond win the trust of the public. On other hand, poor emergency control services make the community lose trust in public safety services and in such situation, it can be easil