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Pipeline operators estimate that it costs between $75 and $500 in US currency to replace each machine seal, thus making the Clarkson Company (A Division of Tyco International) longer lasting valves more attractive. Tyco does business with pipeline companies around the world.

Suppose in an attempt to develop marketing materials Tyco marketers are interested in determining whether there is a significant difference in the cost of replacing pipeline seals in different countries.

For countries Canada, Columbia, Taiwan and the US are picked for the study.

Pipeline operators from equivalent operations are selected from companies in each country. The operators keep a log of seal replacements. A random sample of data is below.

Use these data to help Tyco determine whether their is a difference in the cost of seal replacements in the various countries. Explain your answer and tell how Tyco might use the information in their marketing materials.

Canada: $215, 205, 245, 270, 290, 260, 225

Columbia: $355, 280, 300, 330, 360, 340, 300

Tawian: $170, 190, 235. 195, 205, 180, 190

US: $230, 190, 225, 220, 215, 245, 230

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