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I think that existence of social inequality for particular groups of people and the need to fight for their equality was the main focus for the development of postcolonial philosophy.There was a great need for education in philosophy for postcolonial thinkers because it was the best way to overcome ignorance and inform struggling nations of the repercussions of their actions (Moore & Bruder, 2008, p. 581).  Without education in philosophy, many postcolonial thinkers would not have the intellectual tools to fight for justice.  Many countries have a lack of education because it is not considered a necessity for survival.  Unfortunately, these countries may never find their way out of poverty or injustice without education.  As important as education may be, some believe that an education in philosophy is very important because it teaches people how to consider the past, the future, history, reality, etc. -- it teaches people to reach outside the realm of their normal thinking.The financial considerations and the international market affect the precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial world's experiences with justice and injustice in many of the same ways they do today.  There are many countries with leaders that keep their people poor and ignorant and only allow the wealthy to obtain an education.  Even if a corrupt leader is removed from office, the repercussions on that country may last for decades after the leader is gone.

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