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Personal Reflection on The Self

    Who am I? What am I? What is my role in life?  These are questions that only I (self) can answer.  Your personal self is your unending sense of who and what you are,  it is your sense of how and why you react to the environment, and more importantly is how you choose to act in the environment (Nevid & Rathus, 2005, p. 58).  Depending on how I feel about myself, it will have an impact on how I respond to other individuals, which will also help me to shape my sense of self.   This is my attempt to  describe the concept of the self in the social world, apply the self to my current life by including the concepts (self-concept, self-esteem and self-efficacy) in relation to myself, and describe two or more social experiences that affected my personal development.
Describe the Concept of the Self in the Social world
    “The self-concept has become a major social-psychological focus because it helps organize our thinking and guide our social behavior” (Myers, 2010, p. 40).  An individual personality can influence their self-concept, but social experience is the greatest influence in the social world. Social experiences such as the roles we play, the social identities we form, a person’s individual success and failures, how we compare ourselves with others, how other people judge us, and the world surrounding us.  First, the concept of