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Research and then write a 2000 -2450 word paper, developing content on the subtopic areas noted below.

Include a minimum of three different peer-reviewed sources.

Address the following:
•Alignment of the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy
•Organizational performance philosophy
•The job analysis process you will complete to identify the skills needed by employees
•Methods used for measuring the employee's skills
•Process for addressing skill gaps
•Approach for delivering effective performance feedback


Clapton Commercial Construction Company

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Performance management plan is a tool used by the company to check the performance of its employees. It is used for evaluating the individual success of an employee and how well they are faring for the company. There are number of benefits the performance plan provides. Firstly, it helps an organization know how well the different employees are performing for the organization. Secondly, it helps the employees know as to where they stand with regards to their performance for the organization. Thirdly, it helps in development of employees as key areas of development are identified.  It is made in such a way that it supports the identification of training needs of an employee and supports the employee in his development needs. Performance management in an organization is about A performance management plan is the key to the success or the failure of the company. It is important for the success of any organization that the performance management aligns with the strategy of the company and is harmony with employee motivation (Otley, 1999). Clapton Commercial Construction Company is a company and it is a company that a construction measures the performance of the employees as mistake would result in the life of hundreds of people. A fallen building would not only result in financial losses but human losses as well. The world today is highly competitive and hence it is important for any organization to make the full use of the human resources they have. An organization needs to be very careful in aligning the strategy of the business with performance management. An organizations needs to help the employees know what they lack and how can they develop the necessary talents and skills. For success, an organization needs to function as a single unit but the problem is that they are sub groups within an organization and that help in making a performance plan effective (Gray, 2011). There is one group in the organization who works very hard for improving the performance of the employees and there is one group that thinks performance plan to be just another in the office. So it is important that the performance plan is taken seriously by all in the organization particularly the ones working at the higher levels in the organization the reason being that if the higher levels take the plan seriously, the employees working at the lower levels are motivated to work towards it. For a performance plan to meet the business strategies, an organization needs to set good targets, monitor the employees properly and see that the employees receive full support for type of development needs. It is thus important to align the