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Creativity in the organization strategic planning is of great impact to the success of the organization. This is because, with creativity, the management team will be able to come with an effective and efficient strategic plan, which would eventually lead to the success of the organization. As a result of this, the management team of the Tysons chicken organization will have to be very creative in formulating and implementing their strategic plan. This is from the mere fact that the plan should include the organization core values and also the welfare of both customers and the stakeholders. Besides the stakeholders and consumers, the strategic plan should also be very comprehensive in order to enable the organization to favorably compete in the market (Waters, 2006).

Organization best value discipline

The organization has one of the best discipline values in the world. Among their numerous discipline values, their best discipline is honesty. This arises from the fact that the organization has a lot of religious activities. This stands out from the fact that their chairman is a Christian. As a result of this, the organization has employed various religious leaders, who comprise of all religions that are represented in the organization (Malloch, 2008).

As a result of their honesty, the organization ensures that the products released in the market are of top quality, and will satisfy the wants of their customers. Dealing with food products requires a lot of honesty from the producers, as any form of negligence might bring about a lot of harm to the consumers of the products. Their high honesty levels can be exhibited from their environmental protection program

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