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Penn Foster Exam 06058501 From: Mathematics Due on: Wed 20 Apr, 2016 (10:18am) Asked on: Wed 13 Apr, 2016 Description: EXAMINATION NUMBER06058501 Future Cash Flow Valuation 1. What is the present value of $3,000, discounted at 8 percent interest per period, for two periods? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) A. $2,777.78 C. $3,499.20 B. $2,572.02 D. $3,240.00 2. The stated interest payment made on a bond is called the A. yield to maturity. B. maturity. C. face value. D. coupon. 3. An ordinary annuity of $500 per period, discounted at a rate of 8 percent per period for 3 periods, has a present value of $1,288.55. If this same annuity was an annuity due, what would its present value be? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) A. $1,288.55 B. $1,500.00 C. $1,391.63 D. $1,788.55 4. The relationship between real returns, nominal returns, and inflation is commonly referred to as the A. dirty price. B. Fisher effect. C. Treasury yield curve. D. bid-ask spread. 5. On an investment of $2,000, you’ll earn 10 percent interest per year com