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Pay-for-performance in Public Schools


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How could an organization measure the effectiveness of their pay-for-performance plans?

A certain approach of engaging the top performing staff members is to reward them for attaining particular performance milestones and goals. Encouraging a culture for pay for performance in an organization retains the importance of aligning employees with organizational directions, retaining and attracting top talent, and motivating them to work extra hard (Dias, 2012). Research has proven that top performers increase their productivity 3 times the average by being rewarded. This implies that when applied appropriately; pay-for-performance plans can reward an organization well. Organizations can incorporate several ways to measure effectiveness of pay for performance plans.

An effective pay for performance plan calls for unswerving engagement with workers to alert them that their performance will have a direct effect on their compensation (VanOrnum, n.d.). The elements that an organization can use to measure a successful pay-for-performance plan include:

  • Ease of use.