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Topic: Patient Safety related to healthcare information systems & technology 1. Minimum 10 slides, max 20 3. Limit the size of the presentation to less than 50MB. 4. Do not use pads or android phones to upload the presentation. Do not use a Mac The PowerPoint Presentation should include the following: A. Title slide and Introduction a. Name of the student b. “Creative” title of the presentation Introduction c. Topic of interest d. Overview of the topic e. Why you selected this topic B. Impact: From your research identify and substantiate four areas related to your topic that have been impacted by healthcare information systems and technology C. Challenges: From your research identify and discuss four challenges that have had an impact on nurse leaders related to your topic. D. Summary E. Evidence: Topic is supported by student conducted research F. Scholarly Presentation/Formatting • Use of bullets • Creativity, visually appealing • Minimum number of slides 10 slides. • Maximum number of slides 20 slides G. APAStyleCitations/ 3 References Patient Safety related to Healthcare Information System & Technology PPT (***** 15 Slides + Speaker Note + References *****)
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