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Complete the Emotional IQ test at Save your results.


Then, based on your test results and Daft’s treatment of Emotional IQ in Chapter 5, prepare 6 to 8 PowerPoint slides in which you:

1.     Identify and justify four (4) areas of Emotional IQ a public leader should address in identifying their specific traits, behavior, and skill set.

2.     Using any type of leadership style (transformational, charismatic, authentic, etc.), discuss how Emotional IQ influences each of the following:

-      Leadership communication

-      Culture, values, morals, and courage

-      Developing teams

-      Motivation and empowerment

-      Influence and power

3.     Develop a plan for how a public leader can overcome his/her weaknesses in Emotional IQ.

4.     Debate the pros and cons for how adaptability can affect a public leader’s leadership abilities with others. 

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