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Identify and discuss the primary sources of contemporary U.S. laws.

Oxtron, Inc. arranged for twho employees, Kaiya and Gary, to attend “The Business Ethices 2008 Conference:

Maintaining Credibility” in New York City. Although  Gary goes to New York, he does not participate in the conference. Instead, he takes in the local attractions. Kaiya fully participated in the conference. Using ehical standards, describe what Kaiya should do about Gary’s failure to participate in the conference.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using arbitration rather than litigation?

Define the common law. Discuss its conflicting goals and the doctrine created to serve one of these goals.

Wilma’s arm is broken when Paula knocks her down during an argument. If Wilma uses Paula for battery, what damages is Wilma likely to receive?

Discuss the concepts of contributory negligence and comparative negligence.

List and discuss the elements necessary to establish negligence.

A contractor used dynamite to loosen rocky hillside. The blast from the dynamite caused a house foundation to crack. The house was located over a half-mile away from dynamite site. The contractor was careful when using the dynamite and no allegation of negligence is made. However, the house owner claims the contractor is liable for damage to the foundation. Is the house owner correct? Explain.


List and discuss the protections afforded criminal defendation by Bill of Rights.

Discuss the growing problem of identity theft, including how thieves get personal information, what they do with this information, and how a victim should respond.

Explain what the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is and give pro and con arguments concerning this agreement.

Explain the origin and purpose of the World Trade Organization.


Magnet is a U.S. company based in Utah. It is negotiating to sell $4 million worth of computer goods to a French company, Legran, MagNet’s  attorney recommend payment by letter of credit?

Identify the term for and discuss the legality of a governemnt’s taking of property owned by forign investors. Discuss what action a company might take if it want to do business abroad but is concerned about losing its property to a foreign government.

List and briefly describe the basic elements of a contract.


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