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Organizational architecture is used to specify the decision making and the control. To relate the organizational architecture with company is one of the critical conditions. Using the structure of the company we can find the culture. The culture of the organization can be designed with the help of shared values by the peoples. Organizational architecture is used to implement the managing strategies.  Every organization consists of distinctive culture developed by the people. The difference in culture and organizational architecture can be observed by the process of the company’s position.  The real time process can be explained by the contact of the people in the organization and the valuable norms of the company. The organizations are using modern evaluation systems to develop the modern techniques. The performance can be evaluated by the behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS). The objective of the management help to focus on establishes the goals. The performance evaluations of 360 degree help to get the feedback from the anonymous employees present in the organization. To rank the employees the comparative evaluation system are used by the organization. This process is based on the performance of the employee. And another method is by the employee percentage. And under the Absolute Standard Evaluation System there is no comparison between the employees.