Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care HCS 545 - 87335

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Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues

The imminent emphasis of health care is on quality. Health care organizations and providers will receive compensation established on the quality of care. Under the Affordable Care Act the focus is quality of care, and it will hold providers accountability for his or her activities. This is a focus that has become essential to indorse a healthier America, and to weed out health care services that are insufficient. This student will review the future of the quality of health care, and evaluate corporate structure, governance, culture, and social responsibility.

            Current Health Care Issue

                                    There permanently has been an issue concerning the quality of health care. Over the years the public’s dissatisfaction has grown-up.  Surveys have shown a deterioration from19% to 13%, which the public considers that the health care system functions well, but needs a few modifications. This survey also obtainable an increase from 28% to 37% that the health care system prerequisites a total transformation. This dissatisfaction continues to grow, and Americans believe that the United States has one of the nastiest health care systems. Another concern is the dissatisfaction of the convenience of affordable health care. President Clinton was one of the last president’s to effort to reform health care prior to President Obama. After President Clinton, health care costs and spending have increased, and the population without insurance benefits has augmented (Blendon, Brodie, Benson, Altman, & Buhr, 2006). President Obama was effective with his effort to implement a health care reform policy and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will initiate to change to face of health care. The ACA will roll out different purposes each year that will focus on declining health care spending, increase services under Medicare and Medicaid, and medical coverage for the population of the United States. Other objectives under the ACA are to influence illness prevention, provision electronic medical records (EMR), achieve long-term proficiency, and focus on patient safety and the quality of care (Rivers & Rivers, 2012). Health care organizations need to focus and indorse quality health care in accordance with the ACA. However, there are different factors within an organization that can origin issues like the corporate structure, the culture, the governance, and the ideal of social responsibility. Health care organizations need to report these issues successfully to preserve permanency, and promote a financially sound organization.

                        Structure, Governance, Culture, and Social Responsibility

                                    Organizational structure involves the tiers of management, and the roles of management. Governance is the policies and procedures of how the organization