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Organizational effectiveness is far more important than offering insurability that an organization functioning as it should be. Accomplishing superior efficiency, productivity, and operation is a major component that is needed for any organization to be profitable and successful (Mihalicz, 2012). Describing organizational effectiveness and the application of theories of organizational effectiveness can help in the supervision of criminal justice personnel. Organizational effectiveness can also help individuals in establishing an enhanced perception of the affiliation that needs to be present in order to operate effectively a department. By using methods of feedback, prioritizing, and sustaining emphasis on the particular tasks; the organization will have the valuable tools that are needed in order to make use of control in the organizational environment.


Definition of Organizational Effectiveness

According to Mihalicz, organizational effectiveness is the belief of how successful an organization can be by fulfilling and attaining the greatest results within the organization that will give the best results (2012). Short-term areas of organizational effectiveness ar