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It has been said that the only constant is change itself. That is especially true of organizations. While some organizational changes are minor—only affecting a work group—others are department- and organization-wide. 

The employees of an organization have varied reactions to changes. A leader needs to apply effective strategies for making the change successful.

For this Discussion, you will read a scenario and determine the best method for successfully implementing an organizational change and overcoming resistance to change. 

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Review the Learning Resources for this week.
· Review the following scenario.

Case Study: Funding Denied

Health Abounds, Inc. is a community clinic that receives the majority of its funds from the state government. Sally, the Director of Health Abounds, discovered that the grant proposal for state funding was denied due to quality and safety problems. This denial caused her to make some difficult and overarching changes in the organization, including the following:

· Instituting a new clinic wide database system to include patient records that could be accessed anywhere in the clinic. This new database is intended to reduce medical errors. It will also provide consistent information to the staff quickly and easily, allowing them to provide quicker patient care. 

· Requiring doctors to use laptops when consulting with patients. This approach will allow them to enter easy-to-read notes into the patients’ electronic charts, quickly find information about adverse events associated with medications, and quickly search for information in the patient history.

· Requiring a week-long training program for the staff to learn the new database system, especially because some of the staff will need to learn the basics of using a computer. 

By Day 4, post a comprehensive response to the following:

· What type of resistance might arise among the staff?
· How might you, as the director of the organization, attempt to overcome the resistance?
· What other consequences of implementing the change might the organization experience? Please explain.

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