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e are plenty of internal & outside forces that can affect an organization. Internally an organization sets up its own culture. It creates its own internal structure, mission, & financial policies. These internal forces are created to engage the outside forces that include, but are not limited to, an organization competition, the economy, & the demands of the customers. The way that these forces are handled speaks to the effectiveness of an organization. Having knowledge of a process & its development will contribute to a well-managed organization. Maintaining to date on community needs, know-how, consumer demands, & economic perspectives influence organizations to be in a better position to fulfill their mission to improve know-how & service quality. Having this knowledge, an organization can be in a better position to fulfill the organizational mission. Conducting in depth surveys, receiving information on the shifting behavior of the American workforce, building research that examines & defines what drives & motivate workers, & the response to the worsening economical & employment outlook, will provide valuable insight on recruiting, motivating, & retaining its employees.

According to, fiscal owner is "government spending policies that influence macroeconomic conditions. These policies affect tax rates, rates of interest, & government spending, in an hard work to control the economy." Fiscal policies are a much wider topic than that because although the government can influence the economy & productivity

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