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Organ Donation

Two baby boys were born today, Matthew and Michael, they are not twins, not even related, both born only minutes apart on the same day. At the age of 4 months the boys became ill, their parents told the Doctor’s, “he just isn’t himself, crying a lot, not wanting to eat, and very lethargic”. Matthew had an ear infection; Michael was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. At age 6 the boys went to school, at 10:15 every day Matthew rushed to the playground so he could get the good swing, Michael went to the nurse to get his insulin shot. At age 14, Matthew needed braces, Michael needed insulin pump; his shots were no longer effective. At age 17, Matthew applied for college; Michael was added to a National Organ Donor registry. Matthew waits anxiously every day for his acceptance letter to college, Michael waits for a kidney donor.

There are over 107,173 men, woman and children, just like Michael, on a waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant. ( Included in this number are, 750 Kentuckians awaiting life sustaining organ transplants. (Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates) Organ donation is desperately needed, it can improve and prolong the life of someone that needs an organ transplant, and becoming an Organ donor is extremely easy.

Every 11 minutes another name is added to this waiting list. Seventeen people die a day waiting for a transplant. ( Every day, about 68 people receive organ or tissue transplants that potentially extend their life. (