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  •   An opportunity flow diagram would best fit in which DMAIC category?


  •  Which is the international standard for quality management for automotive industry suppliers of production parts, materials, and services?


  • What is one analytical tool common to all quality improvement programs?


  • What form of ISO 9000-certification is the final requirement before a company may be registered and recorded as having achieved ISO 9000 status?
  • A fishbone diagram might be found in which DMAIC category?


  •    ISO 9000 is primarily concerned with what type of quality management standards?


  •   What is a reason that a company may pursue ISO-9000 certification?


  • What is the certification when a qualified national or international standards body or similar certifying agency audits and certifies that a company is ISO 9000-compliant?


  • Who is responsible for performing the first-party certification audit for a supplier firm?


  • What is the international quality management standard for quality management and assurance that is primarily concerned with quality of air, water, and soil?


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