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1.       An opportunity flow diagram would best fit in which DMAIC category?

1.       Which is the international standard for quality management for automotive industry suppliers of production parts, materials, and services?

What is one analytical tool common to all quality improvement programs?

1.       What form of ISO 9000-certification is the final requirement before a company may be registered and recorded as having achieved ISO 9000 status?

1.       A fishbone diagram might be found in which DMAIC category?

1.       ISO 9000 is primarily concerned with what type of quality management standards?

1.       What is a reason that a company may pursue ISO-9000 certification?

1.       What is the certification when a qualified national or international standards body or similar certifying agency audits and certifies that a company is ISO 9000-compliant?

1.       Who is responsible for performing the first-party certification audit for a supplier firm?

1.       What is the international quality management standard for quality management and assurance that is primarily concerned with quality of air, water, and soil?





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What is the international quality management standard for qual