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1) According to your text, the most common process metric is: 

A. Productivity 

B. Utilization 

C. Throughput time 

D. Efficiency


2) Which of the following is true about make-to-stock processes? 

A. Make-to-stock processes can be controlled based on the actual or anticipated amount of finished goods 

B. Make-to-stock process is used when demand is seasonal and the firm does not have enough 

C. Services by their very nature often use make-to-stock processes. 

D. A and B 


3) ________ is when the activities in the stage must stop because there is no place to deposit the item just completed. 

A. Buffering 

B. Starving 

C. None of these answers 

D. Blocking 


4) According to Hayes and Wheelwright, which of the following is not a major process flow structure? 

A. Job Shop 

B. Assembly Line 

C. Project 

D. Batch 


5) The best process flow structure to use for making automobiles is? 

A. Job Shop 

B. Group technology cell 

C. Assembly line 

D. Batch Shop 


6) The type of processing structure that is used to produce gasoline, chemicals, and steel is: 

A. Job Shop 

B. Assembly Line 

C. Continuous Flow 

D. Batch



7) The most important performance dimension for product development projects is: 

A. Quality 

B. Product flexibility

C. Time-to-market 

D. Productivity


 8) When evaluating a new product development project using net present value analysis, which of the following will make the project more attractive? 

A. Delaying the start of the project 

B. Making the project run over a longer period of time 

C. Improving (bringing forward) the date when revenue will begin 

D. A and B 


9) Which of the following statements is true about value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE)? 

A. The purpose of VA/VE is to simplify products and processes. 

B. The objective of VA/VE is to achieve equivalent or better performance at a lower cost. 

C. VA is performed before the production stage, while VE deals with products already in production. 

D. both A and B 


10) The category given the maximum point value in the Baldrige award is: 

A. Business results 

B. Proce

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