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This activity provides an opportunity to use a survey creation tool, to practice internet data collection.

Prior to beginning your survey design, read the following article:

Then, visit the following links to learn more:

Now, it is time to practice: Please sign up for Survey Monkey (you can obtain a free, limited account) and create a survey you might use in your own study. Visit to create your account. You will notice that you can create a variety of question types. Be creative and explore all of the options. Develop a survey of at least 10 different questions. Be sure to include both quantitative and qualitative survey questions. Send your mentor the link for your survey.

Length: a ten (or more) item survey with both quantitative and qualitative survey questions.

I have already created the account. The login is djr1215, and the password is surveymonkey.

Topic is: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Police Officers

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