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Question 1: Strategic choice


Part A). On the basis of a SWOT matrix for a Sporting Retail store, conduct a TOWS matrix to determine a list of strategic options. From that list, select the top five most viable options.


Part B). For each of the five most viable options, discuss each of the strategic options in terms of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Note: Discuss in a paragraph each of the five strategies you have selected. Discuss each strategy from the perspective of why it is important for the company going forward (e.g. justifying market share, launching into new markets, need to compete based on industry success factors, some other reason etc). So, select one strategy and discuss it, a second strategy and discuss it etc etc....(500-1000 words for this section).


If you have selected a range of business-level strategies (e.g. cost leadership, differentiation, focus) in your TOWS matrix, you may include (although not compulsory) a business-level matrix. If you have selected a range of corporate level strategies (e.g. market penetration, new product development, joint venture, market development etc), in your TOWS matrix, you may include (although not compulsory)a Product/Market. If you have decided to use a combination of both business-level and corporate-level strategies in your TOWS matrix, you may include (although not compulsory) both the Product/Market Matrix and the Business-level matrix in Part A of your answer. That is, either one or both of these matrix will help you to make sense of the Part B discussion of the 5 most viable options. If you choose not to include either one of these matrix in Part A of your answer, then you must discuss why the business-level and/or corporate –level strategy was an important inclusion in your TOWS matrix in the discussion section of the five strategies.


Part C). From the five options, choose a single strategy based on its suitability, acceptability and feasibility.


Note: Now you have to choose one main strategy for the company going forward. Justify you’re selection in a paragraph of discussion why you have chosen this strategy. Your discussion should also be based on the strategy’s suitability, acceptability and feasibility for the company. (100-300 words)


Question 2: Implementation issues: 1000-1500 words (approximately)


Part A). Discuss the issues associated with the implementation of your chosen strategy with a focus on culture and/or structure.


Also, please note that both culture and structure are integrated. Structure needs culture as much as culture needs structure. Thus, if you choose to focus mainly on culture, then you must also discuss how various structural components (e.g. control systems, or structural types influence the culture of your chosen organisation.

If you choose to focus mainly on structure, then you must also discuss cultural components (e.g. the cultural web or which aspects of culture) influence the structure of your chosen organisation.


Also, implementation issues are quite broad. So, in addition to culture and structure, you should also demonstrate how/why strategy methodologies are important and which aspects of leadership and strategic change will be required. A key part of your implementation discussion should be context-specific to your organisation. That is, don’t repeat or regurgitate. Rather, discuss why or how some of these theories will be relevant in implementing strategies in your chosen organisation. Note: you are not trying to include the whole chapter(s) in your answers. You are however trying to work out which parts of implementation are required and make sense for putting your chosen strategy into action.


1.     These questions can be in question/answer format no formal report or essay structure is required. The main thing is that your answers must address the key areas.

2.     Any and all matrix used to answer the questions should be included as Appendices.


3.     Please include a reference list.

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