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Write a seven to eight (7–8) page paper on interest groups and how they seek to influence the making of public policy. In your paper, address the following: 1. Define an interest group, with examples. 2. Discuss the relationship between interest groups and political parties. 3. Explain how interest groups try to influence the president and Congress as these two branches work together to make policy. 4. Use at least seven (7) references: The textbook plus six others, excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

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What are interest groups?

Interest groups are non profit, non violent associations of individuals or other organisations that are independent of governments that aggregate interests and inject them into the policy process. All interest groups must contend with the ‘logic of collective action’ (Olson, 1965). This means they must overcome the ‘free rider’ problem, that the people are able to enjoy the benefits of the collective action (a policy) without incurring a cost on the person. (Wallace et al, 2010). There are two different models of interest group activities; corporatism and pluralism. The corporatist model suggests that interest groups are closely associated with the political process and play an important role in the formulation and implementation of major political decisions, here we can see that large interest groups can monopolise the representation of their own interests. The pluralist m

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