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Develop standards for ethical and moral conduct in the form of a Code of Ethics. As part of this assignment, you will reflect upon your own ethical standards and consider from where your values and principles emerged and how they have evolved over time. Include references to the moral philosophy or social issues that affect your approach to the development of this Code of Ethics, and integrate course concepts in the context of your paper.

Consider that this Code of Ethics is a product that you may wish to carry with you into your professional experiences.

Your Code of Ethics must explain the following components: Statement of values, including the source and foundation of your ethical values and principles, why you consider these principles to be non-negotiable, how they have evolved over time, and what moral philosophy or social issues affect your approach to ethics Training and communication plan Implementation plan Plan for the role of leadership Corporate social issues Recent laws and regulations impacting the corporation Monitoring and enforcement of an ethics auditing plan Ethical considerations for working internationally


Your Final Paper will be 10- to- 12 pages in length, excluding the title page and references page. It must include at least five scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, with in-text citations. You may draw information from the textbook, the Ashford University Library, peer-reviewed journals, and industry reports. The Final Paper must be formatted in accordance with APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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Ethics is a structure of principles that helps us tell right from wrong and good from bad. This meaning, by itself, tells us not anything about the standard by which we set up or measure right and wrong. The centuries have seen many diverse approaches to ethics; none seem to be acceptable. The terms 'ethics', and even more so, 'morality' carries deep touching baggage. Traditional approaches to morality are puzzling and opposing. While apparently telling us what is 'right' or 'good' for us, they variously entail sacrificing our lives to some Greater Good, limit helpful sexual conduct, oppose our lawful desire for personal happiness or offer apparently ideal, but not practical solutions (Danielewicz-Betz, Anna. SSRN Working Paper Series, Sep 2012).

Business ethics are a code of business values that direct [the business's] choices and actions. The business's ethics directly influence its reputation, accountability and the trust of the consumer (Bunderson, Gaye. The Idaho Business Review (Sep 17, 2007)).

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