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Framework for Ethics

Structural and behavioral organizational ethics can be measured with a variety of models; including Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, and the Triple Bottom Line.

Choose two of these models to evaluate. In a three to five page paper excluding title page and reference page(s) complete the following:

Analyze the components of two of these models and how they can be used to enhance ethics and business performance. Describe how organizations can utilize the models to drive ethical decision-making, including how those organizations might integrate the model into their business ethics programs. For each of the two models you have chosen, find an organization that utilizes the model and illustrate how it has been applied within the organization.

In addition to the textbook, be sure to support your work with evidence from at least three scholarly sources; including the Ashford University Library, peer-reviewed journals, and industry reports.

The written assignments must be formatted in accordance with APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
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Every business has to focus of professional ethics that sets it apart from other similar businesses in the competition, and this has become one of the most important driving factors of any business in the current competitive market. All businesses have certain structural and behavioral organizational ethics and they also incorporate different models to implement these business ethics so as to maintain the reputation among the customers and continuously improve the business performance. Some organization like Enron, Arthur and Anderson being relatively a little unethical firms was brought into light with the ethics management (David, Jeanne M; Wirtz, Patrick T. Journal of Business Case Studies6.1 

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