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Ethical and Moral Philosophies

There are many moral philosophies that impact decision- making, which are defined in Chapter 6 of your text.

With these philosophies in mind, complete the following in a three to five page paper:

Define and discuss philosophies’ application to business. Illustrate how moral philosophies can influence behavior and decision-making. Explain how moral philosophies may impact global strategic planning. Describe how companies can integrate moral philosophies into their business practices. Find an example of a company that has integrated moral philosophy into decision-making and codes of conduct and explain how they have done so.

In addition to the textbook, reference three or more articles from the Ashford Library or other scholarly sources and industry reports. Be sure to include reference information for the company shared in your example. The written assignments must be formatted in accordance with APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
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Moral philosophies are related with the ethics and the value that lead us to a right and moral path. It helps us to distinguish between right and wrong. Hence, all the business decisions have a greater impact with respect to the moral philosophies. We will be able to take correct and justified decisions only if we follow the principles of ethics and moral philosophies. Business cannot exist of its own without any employees, manager and so on. Employees, customers, suppliers are the persons with whom the business have to interact on a regular basis. Thus to avoid any kind of unjust act and behavior, it is important for the businesses to have a set of moral philosophy that they should follow. Being exposed to the global market, there occurs difference in culture as well as thoughts. In this situation, business has to be strict upon the moral it follows so as to have a market standing and be popular worldwide. Though it is tough to have considerations for all race and religion and culture in the global market, yet the businesses have to adhere to the policies that are morally acceptable to all.


Moral philosophy or the moral judgment practiced by the various sales person or the sales person even the employee determines their ethics responsibility and moral values towards their role for a particular task. Moral philosophy during the business is being divided into two parts: deontology that enables the individual to follow the basic predetermined rules and the guidelines and the other part is teleology that enables the individual to vary their role or the values as per the consequences (Zakaria, Maheran; Lajis, Norhaini Mat.

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