NURS9621 Epidemiology for Health Care Practice - 95240

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Title of essay Introduction (Overview of Issue): 10%: ? Include the purpose of the essay ? Provide a rationale for choosing this topic ? Relate the topic to own practice (note, you must indicate what is your area of practice) Critique epidemiological studies you have chosen to support your topic (20%): ? provide relevant summary of the selected studies, their methodologies and findings ? analyse and critique these epidemiological studies by applying critical review framework(s) you have learned in Week 10 ? include discussion of the respective studies’ dis/advantages Relate the epidemiological findings to own practice by considering these three situations (30%): ? Discuss a direct application of findings to own practice: This is a most important approach to applying research evidence from epidemiological studies to health care. Please consider these questions: o How can I apply the findings to my practice? o What resources and support are required if I apply the findings to my practice in the workplace? o What is my plan to apply the findings to my practice? ? Discuss conceptual use of research findings: Findings are used for general enlightenment, e.g., raising awareness of disease risk/prevention. ? Discuss other applications of research findings: Findings are used to justify decision- making when allocating resources and developing or revising policy, standards and protocols.
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